Teepees, Tendrils, and Tushies

June 1, 2019

This was a learning week, just lots of hands-on garden-y goodness. By which I mean, the squash were decimated by vine borers.

The devil bug! They are the larvae of the sesiid moth (which, fun fact, look like wasps when they are in flight), and they literally eat squash plants from the inside out. Three of my plants were infected, so I just had to tear them up, then seek out and murder the hungry, hungry caterpillars.

And before this, I had spent like half an hour removing squash bugs, so I'm feeling none too friendly towards the sunshiney little vegetables or their numerous pests. I have one lonely squash plant left. Its cousins, the cucumbers, at the other end of the garden are so far pest free. I will have my pickles!


That's it for the doom and gloom, otherwise this week in my little garden has been fun and exciting!

I spent Memorial Day constructing teepee trellises for the cucumbers and squash (RIP), direct sowing Zinnea and Cosmos seeds, and steaking the tomatoes and basil since we have been having ridiculous wind lately (thanks, climate change). The bamboo was super cheap, will collapse easily, and I'll be able to use it for several years. Isn't that teepee just the cutest most homesteady shit you've ever seen?


Having no idea what to expect from seed planting, I was nervous about direct sowing the flowers. My anxieties turned out to be just like all other anxieties - unfounded - as I already have a bunch of seedlings popping up! These are the Zinnea...

And the Cosmos...

All the guides say to thin the plants once they start sprouting, but I don't know if I can bear to pull any of them up. They fought so hard to live! A kind neighbor gardener gave me a couple developed Zinnea to transplant since she had too many (guess she couldn't thin either) - for reference, here is the teenaged plant amongst the seedlings.


So far the tomatoes aren't doing much of anything, I'm hoping to see more progress with them next week.

This is the plant that was already established when I came along. Comparison is certainly the thief of joy, because I see so many other robust tomato plants in the community just lousy with reddening fruit and can't help feeling like I'm doing something wrong. Patience, as always, is a lesson I am learning to learn.


My real accomplishment this week is the cucumbers. They are getting perky and starting to put out tendrils. If I can see the teepee covered in cucumber vines by summer's end, I don't know if I will ever be able to talk about anything else. Behold, last week vs. this week.


Oh, I almost forgot, I also planted Nasturtium mid-week. Their seeds illicit maximum tactile satisfaction.


That's it for the week. Had a few set backs, but mostly just feeling like a lucky duck.


P.S. - Zinnea buds look like buttholes.

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