Like, Actually Growing

June 10, 2019

This week in the allotment was quiet.

As you can see, the sphincter plant grew up into a full fledged Zinnea flower. The Zinnea and Cosmos seedlings are still taking their time, getting a little bigger and more robust every day. I did manage to thin them both just a wee bit, although my heart bled a little drop every time I pulled up the roots of a tender little plant.

Those big ol’ chonky Nasturtium seeds from last week germinated with such a quickness that I thought they were weeds at first.

Above is what they looked like Monday and below is Thursday. Get it, little booboos!


The San Marzano tomatoes sprouted wee little hairy buds, but the plants are getting super leggy. So...not sure what’s going on there. The fruit on the beefsteak are just sitting there, all green, not changing even a little. *taps mic* Is this thing on?


What’s really jazzing me this week are the cucs. They are, like...actually growing.

Week 1 vs. Week3. This is the first week they have looked really sturdy and thriving, and AND! they starting putting out tendrils, it is so freaking precious I can’t stand it.


I will be gobsmacked if I get more than a single bloom and some coriander out of this little patch of dirt and I don’t even care. Because it is mine and I get to make things grow.

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