Trucking Along

July 3, 2019

For the most part, the allotment just trucked right along this week.

If I could physically pull flowers out of the sown Zinnia, I would. They are so close to blooming and it is maddening.

The Nasturtium are also being problem children. They’re filling out a little, but damn dudes, get a move on.

Otherwise, I am pleased with where we stand. For a while, I despaired of the Cosmos ever making any flowers, but I finally finally spotted a wee little bud today! Crossing my fingers for a flower when I get back from my 4th of July trip.

The tomatoes are also starting to make good. I have several San Marzanos and Cherries. The SM’s have some blossom end rot, but whatever. Shrug emoji.

Since I pulled up most of the herbs, I got two peppers in the ground: Hot Banana and Poblano. I’m getting a Tabasco from my dad as well. All the capsasun.

And finally, the cucs are doing their thing.

They are still putting out flowers and attracting pollinators; I’m hoping for enough so my partner can make a jar of pickles.

In closing, here is a bee butt.

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