C’est la Vie

July 12, 2019

Flowers are officially way more rewarding than fruit.

I got four Cherry tomatoes and a Hot Banana Pepper from the garden this week (finally), but the rush just doesn’t compare to the little bouquet of Zinnias I was able to collect.

It’s unfortunate that a harvest of edible plants excites me less than those that are merely decorative. I value so highly objects and actions with clear functional purpose, but there’s something about flowers that makes my heart happier than any tomato ever could. C’est la vie.

My first Cosmos bloomed this week as well, and a couple of the Marigolds are starting to put on some weight.

In fruit news, the cucumbers are still thinking about getting bigger. I’ve put so much energy and emotions into these four plants, I am exhausted and just want to harvest something edible already.

The vines look so sad a leggy at the bottom as I trim withered leaves. I have no idea if this is normal. I have no idea if any of this is normal.

The Cherry tomato is yielding jaunty little fruits, and I should be able to pick from the northern San Marzano after the weekend if squirrels and birds don’t get to it first.

I severely cut back the southern San Marzano because it was leggy, produced few fruit, and what it did produce had extreme blossom bottom rot. I’ll like as not tear it out Monday, but who knows? A lot can happen in two days.

And now for the second week in a row, I leave you with a bee.

The majesty.

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