Grey Throw

completed March 2019

By far my largest and favorite project to date, this blanket took 16 skeins of yarn, 60 hours, and lots of patience. I made it as a wedding gift for a close friend and was very nervous to give it to them. The wedding was super fancy, I stood beside my friend as his Bestwoman, and I was going to give them something I made like a sticky-fingered child presenting a family portrait rendered in macaroni? You can see how deep my insecurity runs.

Thankfully, they loved it, at least they say they did and that's what I'm choosing to believe.

Dimensions: 60x60in / Materials: 4.00mm HiyaHiya hook, 16 skeins Berroco Weekend yarn in Fog

And I got a meow of approval of the moose, which is really the only validation worth seeking.

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