Stocking Hats

completed December 2018

My first successful hat! Got so excited I decided to make another. No pattern for these guys, just going with my gut. The candy cane one was the first and is a little rough where I was trying to figure out jogless stripes (or, you know, stripes in general).

These pieces also mark the moment, I finally abandoned circular needles in favor of knitting in the round on double pointed needles, and hoo-boy did it make a difference. I'm pleased with my choice of yarn, it knitted up so easily, soft with just the right amount of woolen texture, and the colors are a dream.

Oh! And! I discovered just how silly most textile products are. Why would I bother with a fiddly pom maker when wrapping around my hand works just as well? Get outta here with that shit.

Materials: 5.0mm double pointed Brittany needles, Berroco Ultra Alpaca

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