Week 3


Delight and drudgery

"The Awkward Years," Disney World, 1999

On paper, my job sounds kind of boring. And it can be! But, I also really really enjoy it. Basically, I press buttons all day and at the end of it, someone gets to read a book or scholarly article. I'm a literature fairy godmother! Which got me thinking. No matter the task, love for the work can be measured in delight despite drudgery - not denial of the terrible and weird, but love inside it, through it, a little because of it. Have you ever talked to a Disney World employee? Especially folks in the student program? My sister did the program, as well as at least five of my current coworkers.[1]

[1] Someone should do a study on the correlation between library professionals and ex-Cast Members. There are...more than a few.[2]

[2] Yes, Cast Members. How completely twee is it that Disney refers to every employee working the in parks, from Cinderella to the underground maintenance staff, as Cast Members. And I can't decide if it's endearingly sweet or horrifyingly mawkish that ex-Cast Members still call their old coworkers - and refer to themselves - as Cast Members! Either way, Disney sure gets folks to drink that sparkly KoolAid with a smile.


The Dispossessed

I finished The Dispossessed this week, and I'm still chewing on the last bits of it. Le Guin's prose tends to feel so accessible, almost aggressively unadorned so that it reads almost childish. But once the dust of the story settles, and the thoughts are sitting there, heavy and immovable, and I'm left with...something. An idea that I can only see from the corner of my eye, not the kind that I can't simply analyze and set aside. Fundamental thoughts that root themselves so that other thoughts grow over and around them. Every time I read Le Guin, my human experience is altered just a little. I love it. And I fear it. And it just is.




Thank you for sharing with me the most value able asset we each posses, your time. I hope you have a lovely week.


...if you dare.