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The Allotment


My first outdoor gardening project, I made weekly recordings of my experiences and observations the first eight weeks tending a community garden plot in North Texas from May to July of 2019.

honey bee collecting nectar from a cucumber flower

Beauty Clients for Life


I provided ghost writing and editing services for Beauty Clients for Life, a social media guide for beauty professionals self-published in 2017 by Melissa Liscio.

cover of Beauty Clients for Life: social media icons in a beauty salon

Diary Comic


A self-referential, eposodic work, I wrote and illustrated Diary Comic during my final two years of undergraduate studies. I deliberately departed from the gag-a-day style of my previous two comic strips to focus on mood development, perspective, and anatomy studies.

sample Diary Comic strip



Birthed in the public library of our small Texas hometown, Shertown was co-written and -illustrated by me and Corban Johnson. Part serial, part eposodic, it details the fantastical antics of Chelle, Corbie, and a zaney cast of crazy frienemies.

sample Shertown strip

Why I Hate College


My first comic strip, Why I Hate College, was published in the the North Texas Daily (like, in print!). It follows the journey of college friends Jenna and Chad as they navigate the foibles and frustrations of academia in a conservative town liberal arts college.

sample Why I Hate College strip

Curious George and the Electric Fence


I learned basic html in a high school C++ class and wrote this sad, sad story for my final project.

screen shot of Curious George and the Electric Fence home page