You're a space pilot in the year 2243 and there are no rules.

From Shertown Studios comes an exciting new space story that every gamer writes as they play. Step into the future and make a world all your own.

You won't find Michael Bay effects in StarDuster. Our vision is to create a clean, simple, story-centric game experience that takes you back to the 90's. Part text-based, part arcade, StarDuster puts your imagination front and center. Take the game any direction you want. The first screen will give you options to select the fiction you want to create.

Coming 2021

Every member of Shertown Studios is working tirelessly and are excited to launch StarDuster early next year. We are a small crew dedicated to creating a nostalgic antidote to digital overwhelm. In order to get StarDuster to you as soon as possible, we need your help!

What You Can Do Now

  1. Pre-Order. Money buys things we need like server space, artist services, and delicious, delicious ramen noodes.
  2. Tell Your Friends. News gets around best by word of mouth. If you dig our games, we're sure your friends will too.
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