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four quilt squares with star patterns in black, white, yellow, and pink


Sierpinski triangle fractal wall-hanging quilt in neutral colors light pink and dusty purple striped knitted crew socks two stacks of quilted coasters in various green floral prints
brown knitted socks with dark contrasting toe/heel pink knitted socks collection of many knitted cactus of different types in tera cota pots
medium sized quilt with patterned pink pinwheel pattern on cream background being held by a white woman with curly hair in front of a white wall outdoors three stacks of small knitted kitten sweaters in large, medium, and small sizes
purple knitted fingerless gloves two quilted potholders with orange, white, yellow, and green patterned patches, orange and yellow gingam back pocket, and green border


pink, brown, and green highly patterened quilt multicolored square quilt grey knitted beanie
pink knitted beanie blue themed quilt with pirate fabric
grey knitted socks black knitted cardigan worn by a red haired woman red knitted beanie
yellow, pink, and green crocheted granny square blanket blue themed quilt with pirate fabric


white, purple, and greeny crocheted granny square blanket
grey crocheted blanket
grey crocheted cardigan worn by a red haired woman
white, red, and brown crocheted tree skirt