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Denmark 2019(A Joke that Turned into an Experience)

Italy 2018(Meeting the Js, Who Changed Our Lives)

Colorado 2018(A Weekend with Hummingbirds, Dennis, and the Pride)

2017(Doing Life in Dallas, Traveling Elsewhere)

La Paz 2016(That Time I Turned 30)

2016(Back in Dallas, Once More with Feeling)

California 2015-2016(An Exceptional, if Brief, Move to the Coast)

Colorado 2015(A Top Five All Time Vacation)

2015(Wherein We Tried Some Things)

Winter 2014(Life, with Minor Changes)

Summer 2014(Figuring It Out)

Winter 2013(A Cold, Quiet Season)

New York 2013(A Weekend of Walks)

England 2013(The Time I Found My Favorite Place)

Summer 2013(Life's Too Short, Let's Have Fun)

2011(Learning to Be)